Welcome to AFRICAN MEX

Welcome to African MEX A Futures Exchange shall work in line of interest of growers, merchandisers, exporters-importers, industrialists, investors and end users. They are known as market participants. AFRICAN MEX believes to serve the market participants. While serving the market participants AFRICAN MEX follows a globally accepted and tested norms and ethics. Read More

Vision and MISSION

Vision and Mission AFRICAN MEX’s vision is to be a Commodity Exchange to provide a wide spectrum of commodity derivatives platform driven by best global practices, technology, professionalism and transparency. Read More


Market Making Generally speaking, any Clearing Member acts as a Market Maker and takes part in the Market-Making programs and packages that are offered. All CMs are automatically checked to evaluate whether they fulfill Market Maker Obligations and if so, they will benefit from market segment. Read More


  • Future Contracts Future Contracts
    Quite simply, a future is an agreement (obligation) to buy or sell...
  • Spot Contracts Spot Contracts
    A spot contract is a binding contract to buy or sell a commodity...
  • Contracts Specification Contracts Specification
    Wheat, Corn, Soybean, Soybean Oil, Cotton, Coffee...
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